Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Referee and NSO training camp this Saturday: FREE!

Picture of gear check during SCRD's October 19 referee camp.
Gear check during SCRD's October 19, 2013 referee camp
This coming Saturday my league will be hosting a FREE training camp for flat-track roller derby referees and non-skating officials.

Who’s invited: Anyone interested in learning more about working as a roller derby official.  This event is aimed at all levels of officials, and everyone is welcome regardless of experience level.  Even if you’re completely new to derby officiating we’ll get you working the night’s bout as a non-skating official!  Come to the stripey side!

Hosts: South Coast Roller Derby’s skaters and officials

Location: Laguna Hills Sports Complex, 25555 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.  Meet in the bleachers besides the outdoor rink.

Ruleset: The camp will focus solely on the newly released, March 1 2014 WFTDA ruleset.

Camp lead: Marc "F-Stop" Perkins, head referee of South Coast Roller Derby

Camp trainers:
Ref: JustinBibe, Head Referee of Beach Cities
Ref: Override, head referee of OCRG, co-captain & head of training for Drive-By City Rollers
NSO: Atomic Mojo, Independent {WillWork4Food}
NSO: Siri L Kilher, Independent/Traveling NSO

Cost: Free!

Registration: To register for the camp, fill in our registration page.  Space is limited; first come first served!

Classes will include:
  • A full hour-long session for all campers on the changes introduced in the new March 1 ruleset.
  • Referee classes:
    • Jam Ref Communication
    • Common problems & procedural issues
    • Derby gone wrong scenarios
    • Positions and what you are looking for/at
    • Judging impact (no penalty vs major)
  • Non-skating official classes
    • NSO certification & evaluation process
    • Common problems & procedural issues
    • Penalty Box setup and procedures 
    • Jam Timing and One-Stopwatch Penalty Timing
    • Including an optional class on measuring out and setting up the track, run by yours truly.

What to bring: A copy of the new rules, notepad, comfortable closed toe shoes, water, sunscreen, and excitement for derby!

NSOs: Bring equipment to work any position in that night's game (we’ll have an inside whiteboard).  Wear, or have on hand to change into, a standard NSO uniform for the game (Top: Black.  Bottoms: Black; don’t show your privates.  All other clothes and accessories: Black and/or white only, closed toe shoes, no league affiliation (ref crew affiliation is fine, as long as there is no league affiliation present), no safety hazards. )

Refs: Bring full skating gear and game-ready uniform (Top: Black and white equally sized vertical ~1" stripes on the front and the back. Name and/or number on the back (per WFTDA guidelines).  No league affiliations.  Bottoms: Black; don’t show your privates.  All other clothes and accessories: Black and/or white only, no league affiliation, no safety hazards.)

Agenda (brief version; full agenda is here):

Noon - 2pm: off-track portion of training camp
2pm - 4:15pm: on-track training camp
4:15 - 5:30pm: Break for noms (we'll head to The Pizza Store, across the street from the rink)
5:30pm - 7pm: Prep for game
7pm - ~9pm: SCRD home-teams game
Facebook event pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/607015689381571/

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