Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Obligatory first post

I'm the head referee of South Coast Roller Derby, and I'm also a professor of biology at Orange Coast College.  The two of these combine to cause me to addictively create training documents, share them, and run small ref clinics at my home league.  I'm nowhere near experienced enough to really be doing all this, but hey, I enjoy it :)

Take everything I say with a giant grain of salt.  I'm just a new head ref in a small league who wants to help out; that's all!

I also do photography, but it's taken a back seat to derby.  And I love to cook.  Yay me.

[Update: South Coast Roller Derby merged with SoCal Derby in May 2014, at which point I became a member of SoCal Derby's officiating crew.  In September 2014 I transferred to Angel City Derby Girls, joining their officiating crew (Parks and REFreation).]

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